We were approached by a new client who was in the commercial heating and insulation industry.

Whilst the business had some good contracts / contacts and both the owner and team were very good and capable at what they were doing. Behind the scenes their financial systems which were run by their existing accountant were in chaos.

Their VAT returns were not being submitted on time, neither was their PAYE /CIS and their accounts were also late. They were literally years behind in their tax affairs.

The business owner relied heavily on his accountant, but for the most part was continually being presented with nasty surprises concerning VAT, PAYE and Corporation Tax.

When he changed over to ourselves we worked hard over the next 12 months to bring the business fully up to date in respect of all taxes and where necessary, set up time to pay agreements, to work in with the client’s cashflow.

Now, after putting the proper financial systems in place, the director knows exactly what his taxes are, when he has to pay them and he has also been given annual tax planning so he knows the best options to reduce them.

Furthermore, we have been working on his pricing & marketing and he has been able to boost profits, which in turn has increased cashflow and allowed larger amounts to be taken out of the business to facilitate a better lifestyle for his family and himself.

Rather than meeting just annually, as he did with his old accountant, we meet and track business on a quarterly basis, which makes it far easier to run the business.