Unfortunately one of our clients who worked in the oil industry received some terrible news, in that, he was diagnosed with terminal cancer and only given a few weeks to live.

He called us the next day with his main concern being not being for himself, but for his wife's financial security when he was gone.

We were able to meet with our client immediately and with the assistance of our in house IFA, we were able to, not only bring his accounts and tax affairs up to date within two weeks, but also reorganise his pension affairs substantially.

What this meant was that rather than his wife potentially having a widow’s pension of several thousand pounds, we were able to significantly improve on this and her income levels increased to just under £20,000.

Over several meetings, numerous phone calls and emails to various life companies, all of this was thankfully done before our client sadly passed away.

Although a very sad case study, at the very least our client had the peace of mind knowing his financial affairs were not only in order, but his wife would be looked after in the years to come.