At Turner Accountancy, we take away the accounts related pain you experience in running and growing your business. Our experienced team actively remove the 'ouch' factors associated with working with accountancy firms.
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Our Ethos

To only work with customers we like (and they like us!), so we can build lasting relationships.

To be genuinely interested in their business, otherwise how can we help them?

To never compete on price, but rather give great value for money.

To quickly make things right at our expense, on the rare occasions we get it wrong.

Ouch factor 1:

I Don't get any proactive tax planning

Successful businesses pay tax. Business owners often worry about paying too much tax or receiving unexpected tax bills. We offer a pre year end meeting and regular tax updates along with tax workshops throughout the year to ensure you know in advance:

1. What your tax liabilities could be

2. When you have to pay them

3. What options are available to you on how to reduce these liabilities

4. Only ever pay the legal minimum amount of tax



Ouch factor 2:


We deal with your VAT, PAYE and any other HMRC related issues so you can focus on running and improving your business. We act as a buffer between the tax authorities and your business. With our services, you will be protected through our tax investigation cover, for most types of investigations.

We have partnered with PFP, so you can benefit from 24/7 expert help on topics such as employment law and health and safety.


Ouch factor 3:

Not really knowing how your business is doing financially

Do you sometimes feel like you’re not in control of your business?

Do you really know how you’re business is performing, or where your business is going?

You can soon assess if your business is profitable or not and identify how to make it work better with simple management accounts and somebody to both challenge and understand your business.

Financial information is delivered in a simple, easy to understand format. You have the option of a regular (easy to understand) business scorecard, with Key Performance Indicators for a snap shot of your business performance. Ultimately, by helping you understand your accounts, you will have the confidence to know your current position, and the options for improvement going forward.


Ouch factor 4:

Not getting any advice on how to improve your business

Profitability and business value go hand in hand.

Simply put, the more profitable a business is, the more somebody will be willing to pay for it.  Every business needs to exit or sell at some point so when working with you, we show you how the business is performing and identify ways to improve the business value.

You'll always know more about your business than we do. What we will do, is ask you some important questions, which focuses on the four ways to grow your business.


1. Attracting the right type of customers

2. Getting them to come back more often

3. Increasing the average spend

4. Improving efficiencies within your business

The answers to these questions will help you identify strategies to move forward, and start taking action. 

We can benchmark your business against your local and national competitors, to give you a feel as to how your business compares to your peers.

Ouch factor 5:


As your business and profitability grows, it is extremely important to be able to efficiently protect your wealth, and ensure your monies are effectively invested. Access to our wealth management team devising tax strategies and investments will assist you in achieving your savings and retirement goals.


Ouch factor 6:


Not knowing in advance how much accountancy services cost can be very frustrating. What you get from us are fixed, clear, upfront prices with no surprises - guaranteed. You’ll automatically have all inclusive unlimited meetings, and phone calls. That way you can call or meet with us, without having to worry about accumulating cost.