Fight the holiday blues

Good morning,

For most business owners, returning from holiday to unanswered letters and your inbox being crammed full of unopened emails is a real downer. 

You need a system in place to avoid this.

The best way to do this is to make sure your team are prepared to deal with your emails and letters, and that your out of office redirects to the right contact within your business.

Doing this can also dramatically reduce the temptation to start checking emails, while you are away. 

That way, you can take a proper break when you are on holiday, without being dragged back into the business.

My advice would be to ensure that you start bringing your team, up to speed with your various projects and ongoing tasks (if they are not already in the loop), 14 days before you go away. 

Once you are back from holiday, one member of your team could be responsible for giving you a quick up date, or a round-up of what has happened during the week or fortnight you have been away. 

Also remember that for most of us, it can take a while to re-energise your business motivation after being on holiday.  Therefore don’t schedule that ‘all important meeting’ for 9.00am on the first morning back.  Far better to have some small, straightforward tasks ready for the first week.

If there is a big job that has to be tackled and it is inevitable, then the best way of dealing with it in the first week back would be to break it into smaller chunks. 

I'm sure following the above could allow you to have a more enjoyable holiday, and an easier first week, after your holidays. 

Best regards


Damian Turner
Turner Accountancy Ltd